About Us

The first incarnation of today’s Kilimanjaro Mountain Club was founded in 1913, as  “Kilimandscharo Bergverein.”  The club’s activities ceased with the start of World War I, and were not restarted until 1929, reborn as the East African Mountain Club, with its headquarters in Moshi, Tanzania. The club maintained some of the first huts built by the Germans, built new ones as well, and organised climbs. Later the Kenyan and Ugandan Section were formed and around 1950 they became separate clubs.  The club, as we know it today, The Kilimanjaro Mountain Club (KMC), was formed in 1959.

Although Tanzania gained its independence in 1961, KMC continued its responsibilities for the huts until the government formed the National Parks in 1973.  KMC has continued to promote an interest in the mountain and its surrounding areas, and has remained active in organising monthly presentations and excursions.


Committee Members May 2020 to April 2021
  • Irene Veehuis (Archivist)
  • Dhiru Chauhan
  • Simon Mtuy
  • Niek Hoorweg
  • Jeremy Hoffman (Hon. Secretary)
  • Wilfred Moshi (Hon. President)
  • Eric Tailly
  • Aat van der Wel
  • Mustafa Madan (Hon. Treasurer)
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